Manufactured in the USA by Tie Down Engineering. The Danforth Deepset II anchor is available in eight sizes from 5 lbs. to 103 lbs. Galvanized steel.

Based on Richard Danforth's original 'twin fluke, stock stablized' design, Robert Ogg, made numerous changes including a flexible shank. Ogg's designs, patent 4,469,042 awarded in 1984 and patent 4,676,184 awarded in 1987, show the changes.

According to Ogg, with the introduction of the flexible shank the holding power of the anchor is greatly increased over that of a rigid shank. For example, a 43 lb. Danforth Standard anchor, with a rigid shank, would have a holding power of 2000 lbs. while a Deepset anchor would have the same 2000 lbs of holding power but weigh only 20 lbs. Additionally, the flexbile shank  make the anchors much more stable in that, when overloaded, they tend to pull through the bottom rather than out of the bottom. Ogg also claims that in many anchoring situations the flexible shank anchors yield excellent holding with only half the scope that has been traditionally necessary. Deepset anchors also have the ability to follow a swinging boat, rather than breaking out and having to reset.

One caveat emptor--see page 45 in the Offshore Cruising Encyclopedia by Linda & Steve Dashew. They show--probably an early model Danforth Deepset--where the shank has completely bent back.

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