Marine-oriented Resources

Buoyweather - Global marine weather forecasts

Crown Weather Services - Great aggregator for all observations & forecasts for, say, the tropics, or Florida, or Maine.

Latitude 38 - Check out their 'Lectronic Latitude daily sailing blog.

Magic Seaweed - Surf & wind forecasts and charts.

Mother of All Maritime Links - Good directory of all things marine related.

Ocean Prediction Center - Produces global marine weather observations and forecasts that you can receive a variety of ways.

Panbo -  Latest reviews/info on new marine electronics from editor at Power & Motoryacht Magazine..

Professional Boatbuilder - Great magazine even if you don't build boats for a living, and now available online.

Reefast - Stainless steel reels to store anchor rode or mooring line.

Sailing Anarchy - Daily sailing blog but with an attitude.

SetSail - Yacht designer, builder, cruiser & author's website. Check out  Anchoring Q&A section.

SSCA - Seven Seas Cruising Association.
 Where To Buy

In addition to the usual suspects (West Marine, Defender, Boater's World) there's pyacht, Hamilton Marine, Jamestown Distributors, Blue Ocean Tackle (if you're looking for anchors in the 100 to 100,000 lb. range) ebaycraigslist, oodle and kijiji.

If you're considering craigslist look at using crazedlist; with crazedlist (works only in Mozilla Firefox browser not Microsoft Internet Explorer) you can search simultaneously among different locales. Very useful to find that particular anchor in a specific weight you want. It's ridiculous that craigslist makes it a pain to search multiple cities. Don't they understand that many folks are looking for unique items and don't mind it if they'll have to travel out of their 'community' to get it?

As with the anchors noted on this website, I do not have any financial, personal or affiliate relationship any with retailers mentioned above.
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