Practical Sailor Magazine, January 2001.  The ability for an anchor to reset is evaluated based on major shift in wind and/or wave direction.
18 anchors tested:
Barnacle, Bruce, Bulwagga, Claw, CQR, Danforth Deepset II, Delta, Fortress FX-16, Hans C-Anchor, Herreshoff Bronze, Hydro-Dyne, Nautical Engineering, Seagrip, Supermax Adjustable, Supermax, Spade, Vetus, West Marine Performance2
Article here: Anchor Reset Tests
Table here: Results Guide in Sand
Table here: Value Guide: Anchors
Sail World, January 2008.  Comparison of Bügel, Rocna, Spade, Manson Supreme, and the Sword.
Article here: The New Generation in Anchors
New Zealand Coast Guard Member's Handbook. Bulletin titled "The Bottom Line: Anchoring in 2007" advocates use of the new generation anchor designs. Points out examples such as the Bügel, Rocna and Spade.
Practical Sailor Magazine, December 1999. Anchor tests in mud bottom. Out of 17 anchors top four in order are: CQR, Barnacle, Spade and then Bulwagga.
Article here: Anchor Mud Tests
Practical Sailor Magazine, 2003. Anchor tests in soft sand over hard sand bottom.   Fortress, West Marine Performance2, Spade then Bulwagga performed best.   Other anchors tested: Bruce, CQR, Davis Talon Xt, Delta, Hydrobubble, Oceane, Super Max, Wasi Bügel, XYZ.
Article here: Soft / Hard Sand Test
Table here: Results
 Practical Sailor Magazine, April 2006.  Anchor tests in soft mud bottom. Out of 12 anchors top four in order are: XYZ, Bulwagga, Hydrobubble and Talon XT.
Other anchors tested: Sarca, Danforth Deep Set II, Fortress FX-23, Kingston Plow, Super Max Adjustable, Super Max rigid shank, Rocna 15, Spade
Article here: Anchor Soft Mud Tests
Table here: Value Guide: Anchors
 Practical Boat Owner Magazine, July 2002 and August 2002.  Tests CQR, HiBlade plow, Delta, Brittany, Danforth, Bruce, Spade
Spade top performer.
Article here: Will My Anchor Hold Part 1?
Article here: Will My Anchor Hold Part 2?
Table here: Veering Test Results
Table here: Medium Hard Sand Tests
Power and Motoryacht Magazine; SAIL Magazine; Yachting Monthly. October 2006. In conjunction with West Marine, they tested 14 anchors off Santa Cruz, California.  including: Bulwagga, Lewmar SL Claw, CQR, Delta, Fortress, Hydrobubble, Manson Supreme, Oceane, Rocna, Sarca Anchorlight, Spade, West Marine Performance2, Wasi, XYZ.
The Hydrobubble (16 lb.), Oceane (38 lb.), Fortress (model not listed), Spade (33 lb.), Rocna (33 lb.) and Manson Supreme (35 lb.) all held over 5,000 lbs. of pull.
SAIL article here: Holding Power
Power and Motoryacht article here: Hard Sand Test

The Complete Book of Anchoring and Mooring, Earl Hinz, 1999, 2nd edition.

The Complete Anchoring Handbook, Alain Poiraud, Achim Ginsberg-Klemmt, Erika Ginsberg-Klemmt, 2007.

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