Manufactured in the USA by Tie Down Engineering. The Danforth Standard anchor is available in nine sizes from 3.5 lbs. to 100 lbs. Galvanized steel. The Danforth Standard has been in continuous production since the 1930's.

In the late 1930s Richard S. Danforth and his nephew, Robert Danforth Ogg, developed the theory and designs for a light weight, drag embedment anchor. The Danforth anchor developed holding power of about ten times its weight in air and was widely used on landing craft during World War II to winch themselves off the beachheads after discharging their crew and cargoes. These lightweight type (as they were called) anchors were also used to free the battleship MISSOURI after she grounded in the Chesapeake Bay.

The U.S. Navy built on Danforth's work and developed the STATO anchor with a holding power of about twenty times its weight.

Danforth's  patent number 2,249,546 was awarded 1941.

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