Lewmar Delta Fast-Set. Available in stainless steel and galvanized maganese steel in 10 sizes, from 9 lbs to 140 lbs.

Invented by Phillip McCarrow, James Stewart and Gordon Lyall of Simpson Lawrence, Glasglow, Scotland. U.S. Patent 5,138,967 issued August 18, 1992. One of several iterations of the design is show below. This design was created to address one of the fundamental flaws, say the inventors, of the 'burying' type anchors (their own CQR being one of them)--that of 'roll out'. Roll Out is the anchors tendency to roll or rotate about the axis parallel to the direction of drag such that the flukes emerge from the sea bottom where significant loss of holding power is then experienced.

Manufacturer's website: Lewmar and link to the page on the Delta.
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